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Wiki BBQ was designed so BBQ enthusiasts can share their experience and knowledge of all areas of BBQing; building a comprehensive encyclopedia engaging any level of interest, and covering all aspects and styles of BBQ (Asado, Braai, Yakitori, Gogigui, to name but a few). Our goal is to bring together a collection of articles that will allow anyone, anywhere with internet access, to start their first BBQing session, expand their existing BBQ knowledge, or find new and exciting projects to experiment with. We hope to cover an exhaustive range of subjects from cooking methods, smokers, grills, and cuts of meat, to seasonings, sauces, and sides, and everything in between.

A Wiki is based around openly editable content that is added by its users, in this case, to assist BBQers from novices to the experienced. We embrace an open and friendly environment that allows BBQers from everywhere to upload their knowledge into articles to be shared to all visitors of the site. The content can be modified and updated, allowing the information to continuously evolve.

Because this site provides a capacity to contribute articles, we may occasionally find vandalism and misinformation in its content, we have the ability to quickly remove these articles through our admin team. To help reduce misinformation and vandalism please report articles that may be undetected by our admin team through the Contact Us page.

Please help share your expertise with other BBQers by becoming a user and contributing to our growing database of articles.

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